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Ayurvedic Consultations

with a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

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Your journey to healing starts here and now! 
Are you feeling: 
  • heavy and overweight? 

  • slow and sluggish in digestion? 

  • tired and fatigued? 

  • depressed and "cloudy"?

  • irritable and acidic?  

  • anxious and restless? 

  • not getting quality sleep? 

  • feeling fine and want to prevent disease? 

  • aspiring to age gracefully? 

Get in touch to start participating in your wellness journey!

Come back to balance with Ayurveda!

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Menu of Services

Consultations are now available online!

También se ofrecen consultas en Español. Si te interesa tener una consulta en Español por favor manda un correo electrónico a


Ayurveda is an ancient diet and lifestyle based wellness system that is tailored to the unique psycho-physiological needs of every individual. 
Learn your distinctly innate mind-body tendencies ("dosha" type) to come to know your medicines and poisons of holistic health! Health is wealth! Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food! 
*Consultation appointments are currently being booked and managed through Siskiyou Ayurveda located in Ashland, Oregon. In-person and online consultations are both available!

Initial Consultation

Offering In-Person and Online!


Getting to the root cause of Imbalance!

90-minute consultation addressing your health complaints by understanding your innate psycho-physiological constitution and current accumulated imbalances.

Get educated on your inborn tendencies and recognise the triggers that are throwing you out of balance. 

Go home with a personalised herbal formulation protocol, diet, and lifestyle recommendations to target your current complaints.


We will work to rekindle your digestive fire, detox, rejuvenate healthy cells and bring your mind, body and spirit back into harmony.


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Follow-Up Consultation

Continuing the Healing Process

Online and In-Person! 

A 60-minute consultation to gauge improvements, check in on personalised herbal-formulations and make any changes to protocols.

Follow-ups usually take place 1 to 3 months following an initial consultation, so that adjustments and additions will be made to any prior recommendations, as needed.


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My Journey with Ayurveda... 

Sarah Dunfee is a NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. She graduated from the Ayurvedic Practitioners Program at The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico in June of 2021. Prior to that, she apprenticed in Panchakarma and graduated from the Ayurvedic Counselors Program at the Ayurvedic College for Wellbeing in Rincon, Puerto Rico in 2017. Sarah has also taken a course in Ayurvedic Therapies Training at Vaidyagrama Healing Village in Coimbatore, India in 2018, along with many other Continuing Education courses in Ayurveda and its sister sciences. In addition to Ayurveda, Sarah holds two 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificates: one in Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series from Ashtanga Yoga Mysore in Mysore, India (2018) and one in Yoga Inbound from the Yoga Inbound school in Vrindavan, India (2018). She teaches Ayurveda virtually to Hot Yoga Dundrum in Dublin, Ireland for their Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Sarah sees clients and offers consultations live and online at Siskiyou Ayurveda in Ashland, Oregon. She also works in the Chopra Education Department as a Student Support Advisor for the Health Enrichment & Certifications Programs. Sarah writes articles for the online editorial on and you can see the links above to read more! 

Sushruta's Definition of Health

“sama dosha sama agnischa sama dhatu mala kriyaaha|
Prasanna atma  indriya manaha swastha iti abhidheeyate” – Sushruta Samhita

"The one who is established in the Self, who has balanced doshas, balanced agni, properly formed dhatus, proper elimination of malas, properly functioning bodily processes and whose mind, soul and senses are quiet and content is called a healthy person." Su.Su.15.

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